How Mindfulness Helps Students in Brooklyn School Cope With Pandemic And Social Justice Issues

Students may be drawn first to the calming impacts of mindfulness, but mindfulness can also be seen as empowerment – a way to eliminate the internal obstacles that stop them from stepping fully into their power, dignity, and creativity – essential tools on the path to...

Nothing More. Nothing Less. A Dance.

“For me, it’s about permission and possibility; and it’s about getting out of your own way.” -Tanya Goldman

Wild and Precious: Breastfeeding As Formal Meditation Practice

Before giving birth, I feared that it might be hard to continue my well-established meditation practice once the baby came.  Instead, because of using breastfeeding as a formal meditation practice, I felt like I was on retreat for the first months of Simon’s life.

Raising Kids with the Rhythms

“I think we’re here to learn to be calm and gentle. And also to be fast. And to notice things.” — Simon, age 7 My son, Simon, has taken a risk and let go of my hands for the first time today, up-rocking breakdance-style with intricately syncopated steps, twisting his...

Prepared for Grief & More: what Gabrielle Roth did for me

When I learned by text message last October that Gabrielle Roth was passing through the veil of death, I sat in silence, cradling the phone in my hand. I remembered that my first meeting with her was like meeting the Buddha. She had an inspiring presence backed up by...