Winter Poem Fragment #5 (January 26, 2011)

Towering pine trees

That were young in my grandfather’s youth

Sway against the winter sunset.

Some of the many geese who have occupied the small pond

In the center of town

Fly over in a neat flock of eleven,

The places where their feathers are white, glowing orange.

The ladder of pine branches

Is just above my reach.

Poem Fragment #2 (Poem a Day, 11 January, 2011)

There is a quiet blizzard

Filling the night,

Covering the tree branches

Outside the window.

It is just as it was a year ago

During Simon’s first week of life.

I remember the magic of falling in love,

The flow of day into night

And into day again,

Silver trains gliding silently by on the bridge.

And the hush that surrounds urgency

Making it seem petty

Against the stillness of snow